EarthLab Foundation

"Through a heavy reliance of Microsoft Office and server products we have been able to launch a worldwide Carbon Calculator, now featured in 25 countries and used by over 1 million people worldwide."

— Spokesperson, EarthLab Foundation

Software Donation Enables Foundation to Debut Worldwide Carbon Calculator

EarthLab Foundation is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Kirkland, Washington. It works to educate the public about the effects of global warming and climate change. Its website is a leading climate crisis community that provides a practical guide to green living. People worldwide can engage with its online community, read the latest environmental news, get advice from experts, and find scientific analyses on environmental topics. In keeping with its mission, EarthLab Foundation wanted to develop a free public online tool with which to determine an individual's carbon footprint. 

After installing donated Microsoft Office and Microsoft SQL Server, it was able to do just that. In 2007, EarthLab launched the first worldwide Carbon Calculator: the Earth Conservation Profile. It allows environmentally conscious people to save and track their carbon score as well as their ECP results over time. These ECP profiles give people the opportunity to educate themselves, and the rest of EarthLab's website resources help to embed a green lifestyle in their lives. 

Knowing that this tool was the first of its kind, EarthLab realized it needed tools that provided the best scalability. The system allowed EarthLab to rapidly launch the product and continually upgrade the number of users that it can serve. With Microsoft, EarthLab can educate a huge worldwide audience without hiring a large staff.