Dream a Dream

"Thanks to BiGTech, with our IT needs met, Dream a Dream can concentrate on reaching out to more youth and help them grow and succeed in realizing their own dreams and potential for a better life."

— Vishal Talreja, co-founder and director

Making the Dream of Indian Children a Reality with Donated Software

Dream a Dream provides at-risk children in Bangalore, India, with nontraditional educational opportunities designed to allow them to explore, innovate, and build important life skills. Through the design of a unique integration model, Dream a Dream has developed life-skill programs through various mediums such as sports, creative arts, mentoring, IT, and adventure camps. Dream A Dreams activities are designed to help children grow and develop important skills. 

To ensure that these activities make a positive difference the organization must track and measure each child's outcomes. Reaching out to over 2,000 children every year means the Dream a Dream staff must track an enormous amount of data. Without this data it would be difficult to judge whether its activities are effective. And it would be difficult to make a case for support from donors and grant agencies. 

BiGTech, the Indian member of the TechSoup Global Network, supplied Dream a Dream with the Microsoft Small Business Server software to network all its computers for easy storing and sharing of data that is used to create important documents. Networking capability means staff can work more collaboratively with one another and with partner organizations.