Dezvoltarea Popoarelor Foundation

"It is an issue of higher efficiency. Our activity has improved. The programs are running better and faster now that we have the proper software."

— Ioana Stere, program coordinator

Developing Romanian Communities with Technology Donations

Dezvoltarea Popoarelor Foundation provides professional integration and social and educational opportunities to marginalized populations in Romania. When working in a community, the organization has three objectives — to prevent school dropouts, to promote sustainable employment, and to develop social economy initiatives. 

Headquartered in Bucharest, the foundation has three branches in the country (Arad Cluj and Dombovia) and operates in the four regions of Romania. In 2011, 1,400 children, their families, and over 1,200 people who were unemployed and seeking employment benefited from the foundation's services. 

Dezvoltarea Popoarelor Foundation began its work in Dombovia in 1998 by providing services to HIV-infected or disabled children from the village of Cojasca. In 2002, it extended its work to kindergartens and schools in the community by facilitating access to education and creating new educational opportunities. 

The foundation's Dombovia office received a Microsoft donation from TechSoup Romania. The software increased the organization's efficiency and data safety while the staff continues to work on improving education and employment opportunities in the community.