"Using licensed software has lifted the burden off us. We were constantly under threat of losing very important information. Getting such software has not only decreased our cost but has increased our efficiency.”

— Deval Sanghavi, partner

Dasra: Catalyst for Social Change

Dasra is India's leading strategic philanthropy foundation. It works closely with successful social entrepreneurs and philanthropists, bringing together knowledge, funding, and people as a catalyst for large-scale social change in India. Dasra's theory of change is that connecting philanthropists and social entrepreneurs to strategic knowledge, funding opportunities, and people can drastically transform the social sector in India. With the right relationships, nonprofits and social businesses will be able to create accelerated and increased impact and benefit. Dasra has several initiatives to help both philanthropists and social entrepreneurs at various levels in their journey towards bringing about social change. 

In today's computerized world, it is required to have current technology to make work easy, effective, and efficient. For this same reason, it was essential for Dasra to be equipped with computers and the latest software to provide its employees with the tools necessary for productive work. However, due to the large cost of such software, Dasra was forced to purchase and use unlicensed software. But due to the use of unlicensed software, data loss was a constant threat. To avoid such challenges, Dasra invested in external vendors for backup software that also cost a great amount. 

To ensure the safety of its data, Dasra requested licensed versions of software from BigTech. As a result, today, the staff is relieved to work on a safe Microsoft platform. Even NGO partners that regularly use Dasra's office space feel secure about using Dasra's infrastructure and programs. 

Moreover, since all data is now secure, there is no need to engage external vendors for security. This has drastically brought down the administrative cost, and the funds saved can now be used to create impact for Dasra's beneficiaries.