Cross Cultural Health Care Program

"The versatility and ease of use of Microsoft products has been instrumental in our effort to bridge information gaps in the health care field. Microsoft technology has helped us to reach our vision of 'healthcare in every community, every community in healthcare.'"

— Spokesperson for CCHCP

Breaking Down Barriers to Quality Healthcare with Software Donations

Providing healthcare should be a simple process, but it often isn't. In addition to issues of access, linguistic and cultural differences can act as barriers to providing services. Fortunately there are organizations like the Cross Cultural Health Care Program (CCHCP) to bridge the gaps to quality healthcare. Over the past 18 years, CCHCP's patient-centered approach teaches healthcare professionals cultural competence skills for improved patient outcomes. 

The Microsoft Office donation has been instrumental in helping CCHCP reach a wide audience. Using Microsoft software, CCHCP has developed 4,348 training manuals and medical glossaries in 21 languages for distribution to healthcare and educational organizations across the country. Presentation materials created with Microsoft Office are easily updated by the 46 off-site trainers to respond to the needs of different communities. Those materials have been used to train 2,300 bilingual individuals as medical interpreters in 2010 alone.

In the same time frame, the organization's Cultural Competency Program developed 12 customized trainings for 813 health and human services professionals and trained 19 organizations to provide cultural competency trainings internally.