Community Clinic of Maui

"Products obtained through Microsoft Software Donation Program have afforded CCM access to cutting-edge technologies and operating platforms that we could not have procured without limiting or reducing patient services. These products have allowed CCM to improve responsiveness to patients, accountability to funders, and to increase access to medical and dental care in our community."

— Spokesperson for CCM

Maui Community Uses IT Donations to Create Mobile Clinics with Remote Access

Concerned Maui residents were troubled by the absence of accessible, affordable, and appropriate health services for the poor, uninsured, and homeless. In 1993 they established the Community Clinic of Maui, a nonprofit organization. CCM is committed to ensuring that every man, woman, and child on Maui has access to the highest quality health care regardless of his or her insurance status. It provides culturally sensitive coordinated primary care services on Maui.

With three clinics, CCM now employs eight physicians, two family nurse, one dentist, and seven behavior health staff. In 2008 CCM served 8,013 individuals during 26,612 encounters. Of these individuals, 98 percent were below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, 46 percent were uninsured, 39 percent were publicly insured via Medicaid and Medicare, and 11percent were homeless.

CCM obtained Windows Server Enterprise Edition, Small Business Server, and Terminal Services through the Microsoft Donation Program at TechSoup. With these technologies CCM has been able to increase effective communication between staff. Patient information can now easily be shared across its three locations. Timely access to this data is vital to delivering quality care efficiently. Being able to remotely access patient information allows CCM staff to standardize care.

The ability to connect remotely via terminal services helped CCM overcome challenges with space and allowed it to serve an additional 500 medical patients away from its main facility. CCM started a mobile van dental office that treats over 2,000 underserved individuals, including children, pregnant women, and chronically ill patients who have no access to dental care. By tapping into the remote network, the van is able to operate from anywhere on the island with proper imaging software and access to records.