Community Housing Limited

"We thank DonorTec and Microsoft for their support and commitment to ensuring that all people are safely sheltered in secure and sustainable quality accommodation."

— Steve Bevington, managing director 

DonorTec Helps Provide Homes and Hope with Donated Software

Community Housing Limited (CHL) is an Australian nonprofit organization whose mission is to meet a basic, but major need of individuals and families — a home. For over 15 years, CHL has provided affordable and sustainable housing at below market rates. The organization is guided by the thought that access to affordable housing creates stability, giving families the opportunity to invest in educational and financial betterment, thereby creating a ripple effect that benefits the local community and economy.

As CHL has grown to serve the needs of individuals and families throughout and outside of Australia, the organization has had to adapt its internal operations. A donation of Microsoft Office software from DonorTec, a member of the TechSoup Global Network, improved CHL's information technology capacity, guaranteeing a better quality of service and better outcomes for those in need of a home.