Centrum Paraple

"I would like emphasize the significance of IT support for nonprofit organizations that specialize in and deal with specific social and health issues of people in difficult life situations. Thank you, TechSoup Czech Republic."

Czech Nonprofit Centrum Paraple Offers IT Tools to Disabled

For many Czech people with wheelchair mobility, Centrum Paraple has become an essential guide and a support. The organization helps people with spinal cord injuries improve their physical and mental condition, achieve self-reliance and independence, and return to their families, friends, school, work, and sports activities. It provides its clients and their families with professional counseling, social rehabilitation, sports classes, and computer training. It also offers classes on related topics such as life skills for those with a parent in a wheelchair, healthy exercise and eating habits, and the arts. 

Via TechSoup Czech Republic, Centrum Paraple received a donation of 50 software licenses for Microsoft Office and Windows. The acquisition of the software licenses helps Centrum Paraple enhance its IT classroom services for clients, which it would otherwise not have the resources to offer. 

Centrum Paraple is a growing organization, and its newly constructed IT classroom uses Windows and Office licenses that have grown along with it. The software is used for both new and existing machines, providing a fully equipped singular interface of critical office applications. 

Additionally, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise was implemented on a newly purchased server. Thanks to the enterprise virtualization, which enables up to four virtual servers to run simultaneously, the mail server, the database server, and the other necessary systems can run separately without the need to acquire additional physical machines. This new setup and the access to modern technology infrastructure in general, reduces the need for maintenance and backup. 

Thanks to TechSoup Czech Republic and Microsoft, Centrum Paraple is able to offer top-tier technological tools to the people it serves.