Catch a Special Thrill for Kids Foundation

Today's Catch: Donated Software from TechSoup

For some, a day on the water with a fishing line is the ideal way to enjoy the outdoors. And nearly two decades ago, a group of outdoors enthusiasts decided they would like to share this pleasure with disabled and disadvantaged children. Those individuals founded Catch a Special Thrill for Kids Foundation (CAST Foundation) in 1991. Today the organization hosts over 50 events per year throughout the United States, expanding by an average of two states a year.

The grassroots nature of the organization became challenging when volunteers who were working out of their respective locations used whatever software they had available. Ensuring consistency and avoiding duplicating work required costly help. Luckily the organization could rely on TechSoup for a donation of several licenses of the latest version of Microsoft Office suite. The results of the foundation's new-found efficiency: time to apply for and win a host of grants.