Captain Planet Foundation

"The CPF is happy to provide these essential tools that bridge the gap between gardens and schools. By achieving this goal, we connect students to food origins, natural systems, and develop their path for fresh fruits and vegetables."

Captain Planet Foundation Helps Develop Environmentally Conscious Leaders

Captain Planet Foundation is an organization that encourages youth to be more environmentally literate and empowers them to protect and sustain the environment. Through its various programs, Captain Planet Foundation works to inspire its participants to become collaborators and agents of change.

Among its many laudable programs, Project Learning Garden is one that sets itself apart. Project Learning Garden provides schools with strategies for building effective and long-lasting garden-based learning programs. These gardens provide youth with access to more hands-on education while promoting healthy lifestyle habits and advocating for a deeper appreciation of food.

Captain Planet Foundation also arranges grant opportunities for schools that wish to invest in STEM learning. The organization has helped provide grants to more than 700 school gardens nationwide.

Not only does Captain Planet Foundation inspire a generation of future leaders and professionals, but it also brings together like-minded, environmental advocates to volunteer for and support a common cause. Through its video, which it submitted to TechSoup's 2016 Storymakers campaign, the organization shares its story, its impact, and its passion with the rest of the world.