Candlelighters' Childhood Cancer Support Programs

"The laptops provided to the children via the CyberKids program allow the child to stay engaged and interested in school, stimulating minds, providing entertainment distractions, and boosting self-confidence ... the overall impact to each of those children is extremely significant,"

— Spokesperson from Candlelighters

Software Donations Help Children with Cancer
Keep Up in School

Candlelighters' Childhood Cancer Support Programs strive to ensure that the children and their families enjoy the best quality of life possible during treatment and beyond. Treatment for cancer in a child will often burden families financially, and their quality of life can be compromised by the consequent financial and socioeconomic impacts. It's hard for children going through this to have a sense of normalcy. The conventional school system is not an option for children battling cancer; they are often absent from school for long periods, making completing homework and assignments a major challenge. 

The Candlelighters CyberKids program provides young cancer patients in the Ottawa area with a laptop with Microsoft XP. The CyberKids can use Windows Messenger to stay in touch with their teachers and friends, and Windows Media Player to watch movies and listen to music while undergoing treatment. CyberKids also have access to the full suite of Microsoft Office, giving them the ability to take notes, write essays, generate reports, and create presentations for their classes.

By having a pool of 35 laptops, Candlelighters is able to help many children regain the confidence in their studies that they need to keep learning. The Candlelighters staff has also drawn upon the power of Microsoft PowerPoint to pitch its mission to various organizations and donors, giving them the ability to gain more support.