Bundtstift gGmbH

"The Medienwerkstatt (media workshop) is one of Buntstift's programs that provides training for disadvantaged youth. Thanks to Adobe's donation, Buntstift was finally able to set up two of ten existing work stations with up-to-date software."

— Reinhard Mann, executive director

Donated Software Improves Training for Disadvantaged Youth

Bundtstift gGmbH was founded in 1983 to provide education vocational training and help in transitioning from school to job for disadvantaged children, youth, and adults in the area around Kassel, Germany. Bundtstift now operates 10 training workshops throughout the Kassel region. It is also operates one of Germany's few production schools (Produktionsschulen), which combine academic and hands-on learning opportunities to produce goods and services on the open market.

Bundtstift is also involved in various projects sponsored by the European Social Fund (ESF). These include programs to provide intercultural learning and workplace language instruction for adolescents from immigrant families, and programs to promote professional and social advancement to increase the employment of juvenile delinquents.

Stifter-helfen.de IT for Nonprofits, TechSoup Global's Network partner in Germany, provided Bundtstift with two licenses of Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium. The donated Adobe software enabled Bundtstift to set up two state-of-the-art workstations for its Medienwerkstatt (media workshop). Since Adobe CS4 is also being used in public vocational schools, the software donation ensures that Bundtstift trainees receive the same high level of instruction as their public-school peers.