Bowden Brompton Community Group

"We were really struggling before we found out about the DonorTec system. We are amazingly thankful to DonorTec, Microsoft, and Cisco."

— Isabelle Dabrowski, group manager

IT Donations Give Australian Community Center Safe Access to World Wide Web

The Bowden Brompton Community Group operates a center that provides a variety of services to residents of the Bowden and Brompton suburbs of Adelaide in South Australia. Among the services offered are adult education, life skills classes, housing services, and recreational activities. The center also provides a range of computer classes with computer and Internet access to the public.

With the help of Connecting Up Australia's DonorTec program, a TechSoup Global Network partner, the Bowden Brompton Community Group received donations from Microsoft and Cisco that enabled it to set up its own server and network its computers. The donations also enabled the Group to set up a Wi-Fi network that residents can use to access the Internet with the center's computers or with their own devices. The upgraded technology has the added advantage of enhancing security by providing individual network login credentials to users.

The center's upgraded infrastructure has made it possible for residents to learn the latest Microsoft programs. "We teach everything from basic computing to how to use the latest Microsoft software," says group manager Isabelle Dabrowski. These donations allow Bowden Brompton Community Group to successfully train people to use the latest operating systems.