Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

"Thanks to Microsoft upgrades acquired through TechSoup Canada and to Dynamics CRM, all of our information is in one place. We can see in our notes what was said in the last call with a donor or mentor, which makes our customer service that much more effective and consistent."

— Jonathan Leard, program manager

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada
Gains Flexible Communication

Efficient communication is often the backbone of a large nonprofit. This is especially true for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (BBBSC) an organization that spans more than 120 agencies in 1,000 Canadian communities. Thanks to its efforts, more than 28,000 mentors are building positive relationships with more than 33,400 children and youth.

As it grew, BBBSC realized that it needed a better way to keep volunteer mentors, participants, and donors informed in the field. Recently, more than 80 of the organization's agencies adopted Microsoft Dynamics CRM, representing a user base of 745 people. "This solution allows staff to access important case information from their tablets or mobile devices," explains program manager Jonathan Leard. This kind of flexible and immediate access is invaluable to our work."

To meet the new systems basic requirements, a number of agencies were challenged with having to simultaneously upgrade their Microsoft operating system and Office suite software. TechSoup Canada's donation program made upgrading the system possible, allowing BBBSC to acquire Microsoft Office Simply Accounting and Windows 7 and to be prepared for any future CRM upgrades. "Microsoft Dynamics CRM clearly met all of our needs, even if they were to shift later in a dramatic fashion," says BBBSC's Dynamics CRM system manager Malcolm McAuley.

One of BBBSC's next big CRM-related ventures will be exploring if and how it can apply this technology to its donor management system and HR management. Technology now plays a key role in their day-to-day operations, and they will forever be reviewing how it best serves our needs. Together, Microsoft and TechSoup Canada are committed to supporting BBBSC on its journey.