Backpack Bed for Homeless

"[Having the backpack bed] means I’m not going to get wet. The bugs aren’t going to eat me alive, so, it means a lot. Like, someone’s actually taking the time."

Award-Winning Charity Distributes Backpack Beds to Homeless

Backpack Bed for Homeless is social enterprise that distributes Backpack Beds to people in Australia who are homeless. Using Backpack Beds, the organization hopes to improve people's health and provide dignity and comfort to the thousands of people in Australia who are sleeping on the streets.

All public donations and profits from goods sold to the public are used to help distribute Backpack Beds to people who are homeless and further support the organization's charitable work. The Australian Human Rights Commission awarded Backpack Bed for Homeless its highest honor, "Best Community Organization."

Backpack Bed for Homeless shared its story, mission, and social impact during TechSoup's Storymakers 2016 campaign. Its video shares the moving story of Karl, who was previously homeless, and how the Backpack Bed helped him.