Asthma Free School Zone

"Behavioral change is not easy, so our materials have to be convincing. The caliber of the design and production convey the legitimacy of the campaign and its message. Using Adobe's programs, a bootstrap organization like ours can create high-quality professional-looking materials at our own pace and with our own vision, without having to spend time or money on outside consulting."

— Spokesperson from Asthma Free School Zone

The Asthma Free School Zone
Drives Creative Marketing for Cleaner Air

In some New York City neighborhoods, as much as 25 percent of children suffer from asthma. This chronic health issue has prompted Asthma Free School Zone (AFSZ) to improve air quality and reduce air pollution for the health and safety of the city's most vulnerable population. Founding director Rebecca Kalin is always looking for creative and self-sufficient ways to spread the message of the group's clean air pursuits. 

The small nonprofit used Adobe Illustrator to design lapel pins and to design 50,000 coffee cup sleeves to promote its Idle-Free NYC campaign. And staff feel these marketing tools helped to pass a first-in-the-nation law that places limits on asthma-inducing exhaust from idling cars in front of school zones. Kalin says, "We are grateful for the ability to create our own materials to deliver a message that has such far-reaching consequences." 

Also using Illustrator, the organization designed Idle-Free NYC posters for public buses with an estimated 18 million impressions for bus tails and 14 million impressions for bus cards. With Adobe Photoshop, staff created bilingual posters and windshield-wiper flyers for the campaign. Producing materials in a different format or a different language is never a problem. And once a year, using Adobe Acrobat Professional, the organization assembles kits for 100 schools to take stop-idling action in their neighborhoods and provide them with materials to host Stop-Idling Days.