Angels Foster Family Network

Angels Foster Family Network Support Kids in Need

Angels Foster Family Network, based in San Diego, Calif., is dedicated to providing foster care for abandoned, neglected, or abused infants and toddlers. Its network of families ensures that infants and toddlers are placed in loving homes where there is only one child or sibling set being fostered at a time. This policy guarantees enough time and emotional support for the child or children.

Families who foster are asked to commit to fostering the child until the child can be reunified with his or her biological parents. This approach ensures that the child feels a sense of stability and develops a foundation for creating deep and meaningful relationships with adults.

Angels Foster Family Network participated in the Storymakers 2016 campaign, sharing its inspiring story and mission, and allowing others to see the extent of its social impact. Its video submission follows the story of Lovelei, a beautiful baby girl who was placed into an Angels foster home after being born with a heart arrhythmia and in need of around-the-clock care to keep her alive. Through Angels Foster Family Network, and after reuniting with her biological family, Lovelei has brought together two loving families she can call her own.