Alternatives to Violence

"As a nonprofit worker, you don't have many resources, and you need to maximize each resource to be able to serve people better. Technology is a great resource. It is a godsend! Through TechSoup we get not only quality software but also the know-how to use it, and that makes a huge difference in the way we provide service."

Fighting Domestic Violence with the Help of a Young IT Hero

Alternatives to Violence has been serving Tehama County, California, for over 17 years, transforming the lives of individuals and families who have been impacted by domestic violence. It provides shelter and assists with restraining orders, affordable housing, and money management. All of this is to help women and their families escape the cycle of violence. For a thriving organization committed to transforming Tehama County residents into agents of change, smooth operations are key. However getting the right technology tools to help operations without technical knowledge was a challenge.

Jeanne Spurr, the executive director of Alternatives to Violence, found an ally in 16-year-old Tim Haley, a curious teenager who wanted to make a difference and learn as much as possible about technology. Tim became an IT volunteer and figured out on his own and with the help of TechSoup articles, webinars, and customer service how to troubleshoot and help the Alternatives to Violence staff. 

Tim grew with the organization and continues to volunteer. When Alternatives to Violence received a Blue Shield technology-capacity-building grant, Tim, who is now 22 years old, was the one responsible for conducting the technology assessment. He was the one who evaluated TechSoup products and offerings and the one who recommended all the changes. He understands best about new systems and networks and how they all integrate. 

Thanks to Tim and TechSoup, Alternatives to Violence now has the tools that it needs to serve its population better and the know-how to implement IT and operate more efficiently. Nonprofits need technology too. Alternatives to Violence and TechSoup both helped shape Tim's future, and that's something to be proud of.