Admiral Theatre

"With Microsoft Access 2007/2010 and other Office suite programs, despite not having any employees with programming skills, we were able to easily develop our own tracking database to effectively eliminate hours of redundant and time-consuming data."

— Spokesperson from the Admiral Theatre

Historic Admiral Theatre Saves Time with Microsoft Access Donation

Opened in 1942, the historic Admiral Theatre is a one-of-a-kind performance venue showing a wide variety of events. It aims to encourage and develop the cultural, civic, and entertainment horizons of West Puget Sound. Able to seat more than 500 patrons, the theatre hosts several shows in a season, ranging from live theatre to ballet performances to rock concerts.

Because of this volume, it was struggling with its infrastructure. The Admiral Theatre's methods of tracking and organizing labor and expenses for each event and other data were cumbersome. Using Microsoft Office, specifically Microsoft Access, the Admiral Theatre simplified and developed its own tracking database.

Microsoft Access now allows staff to use one interface for many tasks, including annual budgets, contract details, and payroll tracking. This has drastically reduced the hours of management time committed to tracking and recording work. Management is now able to focus those employees' time on other areas, keeping operational costs down. This allows the theatre to keep its ticket prices down and enables a wider audience to enjoy quality performances.