Acting for Life Association

"The support of AdB-SolidaTech is a small revolution in the way we work. Acting for Life has replaced cobbled-together solutions both inefficient and unreliable with professional tools. That would have been impossible without the support."

Acting for Life Brings Telecommuting to the Global Countries It Serves

Acting for Life Association is an international solidarity organization based in France that provides services to the poor in over 40 countries. It coordinates local offices in eight countries with about 50 employees total. For four decades, it has supported local development initiatives in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Over the years, many partnerships were developed with hundreds of local organizations in 70 countries.

The organization's main activities involve two components that may seem contradictory: striving for professional excellence and maintaining very low overhead. It is essential that every euro spent allows maximum impact in the field. In 2008, the support of TechSoup Global Network member Ateliers du Bocage (AdB) dramatically changed the organization's working methods. A donated set of tools based on Microsoft solutions (file server mail and many modules within Office) were deployed on a TechNet Plus System Center Essentials 2007 Server obtained through a donation via the AdB-SolidaTech donation service.

They not only increased productivity but also created opportunities for collaboration that were previously unimaginable. International teams are now jointly developing shared documents as if they were in the same office, and meetings are organized within seconds. In addition to heightened productivity, the organization has also seen much improvement in its data security.

In the future, Acting for Life hopes to explore the new capabilities made possible by AdB-SolidaTech's SAP donation program.