Aktion Leben Österreich

"We would like to thank all partners of Stifter-helfen.at and Fundraisingverband for their help and support. It is remarkable to see how committed major IT companies are to the community and how constructively for-profit and nonprofit organizations do cooperate in this program."

— Martina Kronthaler, M.A., secretary general 

Improved Offerings for Expectant Mothers in Austria Thanks to Donated IT

Aktion Leben Österreich is a nonsectarian, nonpartisan charity headquartered in Vienna. It offers information and consultation for pregnant women and their partners all over Austria as well as sex education. The charity also lobbies for a child- and family-friendly Austria. 

Aktion Leben Österreich runs a major information and counseling center for expectant mothers that provides advice, psychosocial support, and financial aid for those in need. In the area of sex education, the charity organizes lectures, workshops, and exhibitions. It conducts trainings and advanced education on fertility, pregnancy, prenatal development, and reproductive medicine. In 2012, it counseled nearly 500 pregnant women, provided almost 480 in-kind donations to women in need, and supported 220 women financially. Since 1977, the nonprofit has campaigned for its cause by holding an annual Day of Life on June 1.  

Through Stifter-helfen, Aktion Leben Österreich received a comprehensive Microsoft software package consisting of Windows 7 Professional, Office Professional Plus 2010, Windows Server Standard Edition, and Exchange Server 2010 Standard. Using outdated software, the nonprofit had faced increasing compatibility problems, severe security issues, and constraints on network speed that forced it to plan major investments in its IT infrastructure. 

Thanks to the IT donations, the NGO received state-of-the-art software that increased the compatibility of their documents, making communication within the organization and with outside partners much more efficient. Additionally the organization is now equipped with an up-to-date security system that helps protect its assets. The funds saved through the donations were allocated to support its programs.