A.R.T. Fusion

“I don’t think we could have afforded this kind of software. TechSoup’s offer was right for our needs.”

— Roxana Turcu, program coordinator

Adobe Donation Sparks Group That Uses Theater to Help Kids

A.R.T. Fusion is a small nonprofit in Romania that uses theater to foster personal development and social engagement among young people. The organization’s main goal is to increase youth social participation and community involvement, which are key elements in a sustainable society. 

Since it was founded eight years ago, A.R.T. Fusion has used the Forum Theatre’s method to work with a variety of disadvantaged groups, including Roma people, convicts, youngsters with few financial resources, and children with autism. In one recent program, teenagers from four Bucharest high schools participated in an informal School of Forum Theatre designed by A.R.T. Fusion. 

“With each workshop, the teenagers grow a little bit,” said Roxana Turcu, program coordinator at A.R.T. Fusion. “They learn how to work in a team, to communicate, to overcome shyness, and to become those youngsters willing to get involved and change something in their society.” 

Although part of A.R.T. Fusion’s work involves working offline with teenagers, technology plays an important role in keeping up the flow of the team’s communication. In 2012, with the help of TechSoup Romania, the organization received donations of Adobe software. This helped A.R.T. Fusion create and edit a video presentation introducing the Forum Theatre’s method. 

“I don’t think we could have afforded this kind of software,” Turcu said of the Adobe donation. “TechSoup’s offer was right for our needs.” As a result, A.R.T. Fusion was able to redirect funds to organize more meetings with teenagers and work on different theater plays.